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Medizinische Fehlbehandlung, verpfuscht?
Was dann?
Opfer berichten, helfen und suchen weitere Kontakte!
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Medical malpractice, bungled?
What then?
Casualties report, offer help and search for contact with others affected.


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Life ruined by Medical Malpractice?

Gross Professional Misconduct - cover-up - Medical Profession


10 points program:

1. No delaying or wearing-down tactics for years on end
This frequent and appalling behaviour must be prevented to protect the victim.
Private Vocational Liability Insurance schemes will and have to to accept liability in such cases, despite
claims to the contrary. These companies often try to intimidate victims to the extend where
they either "give up" or accept far too little or, at worst, no compensation at all.

2. Legal Obligation to notify the Authorities - creating a Databank of Registration
The General Public has the right to be notified of any professional misconduct.
Information of operations or treatments "gone wrong" must be available to the public on hand
of statistics at these Databanks of Registration.

3. Reversal of Burden of Proof,
ie Physician to prove his innocence rather than patient guilt of same.
His presence at any treatment or operation makes him well informed of any failures or
mistakes caused, and he, therefore, has to accept full liability if any such mistakes are
due to his incompentence. He must reveal any such mistakes, regardless of the patients
awareness of same , as the case may be. It should be part of a physicians "training" to be
honest and humane by admitting any error of judgment on his part!
Sadly, the reality looks rather different!

4. Prompt Completion of Proceedings regarding Professional Errors.
Prompt Action by Arbitration Commissions, if such are engaged.

5. Rate of Financial Compensation to be measured according to extend of disability suffered.

6. Improved Supervision of Physician by Independent Board to secure Safety of Patients.
ie. to check - up on frequency of Further Training Courses attended by Physicians
to up-date their professional know-how.

7. Increased involvement of Health Insurances with regard to professional erros made,
as well as "More Say" by the insured in such matters.

Emotional and financial backing for the afflicted and their Self Help Groups founded in the light
of these malpractices. Entitlement to vote to participate at local and national Health Meetings.

8. Health Insurances, Hospitals, Surgeries etc. to issue leaflets giving information such
as contact addresses or phone numbers of Self HelpGroups and assistance.

9. Immediate Psychological Counselling and support of the victim and their
relatives, without doubting their mental state of mind.

10. Deterrence by threat of criminal prosecution - resulting in, if applicable, being
"struck off the Medical Register".

"What of Destiny?"

So the question of one practitioner. "Destiny? Don,t know what you mean!"

Attempt of explanation on medical terms.

"I was born, regardless..

I have to die, regardless

Destiny controls everything

These lines are destiny


If a craftsman is blamed for a leaking roof, he can't blame destiny!"

Craftsman -versus Physician

The distinction to look for here has got to be called responsibility.

A craftsman who "botched-up" the job is held liable for any damages caused.
The physician is entitled to call his medical malpractice a Professional Error,
simply dismissing it as destiny.
After that, he passes responsibility to his insurers, FAIT ACCOMPLI!!!!!